Knowing Your Arduino


                          Hey folks, this is a technology oriented section which primarily deals with the research, functionality and tutorial lessons on the already legendary ARDUINO chipsets.

                          In case the word didn't ring any bells, no worries, that's what we are here for ! Arduino is basically an open sourced electronic board, based on Micro-controller ICs, which could be bought, sold or even replicated without any legal constraints. It can be programmed to do stuffs on other ICs. Trust me, this beauty has got way more possibilities than that ! It actually comes in a variety of ways as Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Nano, Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega.

                          Now to some cool things it can do, from blinking of an LED circuit, controlling relays, regulating motor speeds to creating smart drones, multi functional robotic arms and sound control systems, the sky is actually the limit !



Arduino Uno

                            The most popular among the Arduino users is the elegant Arduino Uno, the second biggest Arduino chipset behind only Arduino mega. It consists of a total 28 pins (ATMEGA328P), 5 of which are for analog signalling and the rest on one side for power supply while the opposite side deals with digital signalling. From now on we are only dealing with this particular Arduino, ARDUINO UNO. But mine is not even the original Arduino uno, its a replicated low priced one. It actually helps that the Arduino decision board made the chipset open sourced 🙂  you always have a choice.